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New from Soul comes the Wanderlust Weekend special sale, a new Pumpkin Lantern Gacha! The gacha is only 25L per play for this weekend only! Check it out before the sale is over Sunday night! The Eyeball Pumpkin Lantern's eye will match whatever BoM  or system eyes you wear! There are a few other colors to win in each one! You can check out my flickr or my blog post for more information.
The Many Faces of Mel #749 

Hey everyone! If you love Halloween nails, Dark Passions - Koffin Nails has new exclusives around the grid! And so many more in the store! Here are a couple of ones I love. One exclusive and one that is not but still perfect for the season! You can find the Spooky Striped Tips at the current Pumpkin Town 2020 event. The Webbed Chevrons are also there along with many more to choose from! 

More to come and more to be found at Hallow Manor, Necrosis, The Dark Style Fair, Trick or Treat Lane, The Fallen Gods Market and the SL Halloween Shop and Hop! She's everywhere! You can have Halloweeny nails for year around wear!