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This year's SL-Inspiration Easter jigsaw puzzle image comes from the Easter Bunny Trail at Aquamarine Island and is being held to help support a young boy with autism under the title of 'The Little  Engine Who Can'. Find out more here where you can also choose to either play the puzzle online or download a free version to own and keep. Happy Easter
How To Create Your Own Newsletter For Free
How To Send A newsletter Using Gmail
Newsletters are a powerful way to engage with group members, friends, clients and more. They're also an excellent way to highlight items or events you want to draw people's attention to. There is now a two part tutorial about using newsletters for Second Life. The first part explains how to create your own newsletter for free, and the second describes how to send a newsletter using Gmail. Follow the two links above to view the tutorials on SL-Inspiration.

The Pulse is a friendly and lively club in SL, and we're presently looking for DJs and Hosts.
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