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Larry Maverick was born to Jerry and Maria Maverick on April eleven, Nineteen eighty-eight at  the University of Blackthorne Medical Center. He was always interested in cars and trucks at a very age. At ten years old he got in trouble by stealing his dad’s Truck and wrecking it into the lake behind their house. At fifteen, He started working for his uncle’s Car shop as a mechanic. He worked there for six years until he turned twenty-one. At twenty-one He obtained his Commercial Drivers License and started collage, H|is major was Sales and marketing, His minor was engineering. Larry graduated from collage after he turned twenty-nine. His dad and mom died after he turned thirty. He was distracted by this but soon got over the fact his dad and mom are not here anymore. He started working towards his goal of obtaining a car lot and the money he needs for the purchasing of the cars for him to sale to the public. This is where we meet up with him today, Will Larry succeed with his goal? Will Larry succeed at making the car salesman job the best it can be? Only time will tell if this is the case..