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As we last visited the village the residents were terrified as to what was happening, with the current earthquakes and the mountain above them trembling no one could possibly imagine what was going on.

The sun was rising higher and turning a blood red, Water in the babbling creek was starting to give off steam as the temperature increased. The mountain gave off a loud explosion sending rocks, dust, and debrey far into the sky, Some sort of cave had opened up. A few of the towns people ran to their homes slamming doors and shutting windows for they had seen this once before oh so long ago. Mayor Liz ran to her office to look through her telescope taking a peek on the hillside. she studied it for a moment trying to focus in on some movement when she let out a loud scream. For her telescope was indeed already focused but, she could not believe what she was actually viewing. A rather large Dragon had come from the cave flying around the village. While she watched it landed just on the outskirts of town looking back toward the mountain. as she turned her attention in that direction she noticed a gathering of people high up on the mountain. They were seemingly gathering something working together. One of them had their own telescope and was looking down on the town. Liz shuttered for a moment then took her eyes off the mountain. Sending word across the town for all to meet in the local pub. What was she going to say? Was Mayor Liz part of something? Or, was she trying to protect the village and all the residents...