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Second Life -- NEW! DC 496 Full Land with Club & Shops - For Sale

Marketplace --- https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/DC-496-Complete-Land/11013727

SLURL --- http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/ITLAND%20Village%20Resort/110/71/23

DC 496 Full Land: Central Square with landing point - CLUB with terraces, POOL and lounge areas - four shops. Furnitures and 

accessories included.

Mesh Building - IDEAL FOR 4096 smq. Lands or more

A realistic and elegant building produced by Digital Cult Lifestyle the group that invented 

the Italian minimalist style in second life.

With the the rezbox you can easily rez and position this structure and use it just like disco, Club, Shopping area, Events area

Permission: Copy - MOD - No Transfer

Area: 4096smq (64x64)

Land Impact: 588Prims 

--- Easy Rez system

--- Dynamic Lights controller (you can turn on and turn off, change intensity and glow)

--- FURNITURES Included (copy)