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For everyone who takes Avatarbook seriously like us, we have good news!  As of today, you can become an official Patron of our community website and contribute to its operation and further development.


As an additional reward, we have prepared a package of benefits that can distinguish you to show you are a key contributor. These benefits are ready for you right away and will continue to grow in the future.


Your membership fees will help us with the further development of the website, especially with marketing, new functions and ongoing operating costs, such as server fees. Every membership fee is important!

Thank you for your help and support!




Our mission is to operate unlimited and safe space for you, your unique content, stories and emotions from Second Life. Our latest update has brought an additional feature to the website, this time dedicated mainly to bloggers. But let's get to the point. We combined standard (content sharing) network with a fully functional blogging editor, like on dedicated content management platforms.


From now on, you can create full formatted blog posts, and not just a plain text, links and photos, like on other non-blogging social networks. Recent posts will appear in your activity stream, on your profile, and of course on the avatarbook homepage. Your posts will be in sight, which will increase your popularity and the popularity of your sponsors!

Text editor with an advanced formatting options


Homepage slider



  • Text editor with advanced formatting options
  • Automatic embeding of videos from an url (youtube, etc)
  • Possibility to insert additional content via iframe
  • Unlimited space for pictures
  • Unlimited posts per user



  • For all bloggers who want to make their posts visible to Second Life residents.
  • For advanced bloggers who want to grow their audience.
  • For Second Life business owners to promote their products and services.
  • For beginners who want to try the magic of blogging (like me laugh)


I hope you enjoy our platform and wish you a nice blogging!







PS: To make your post look good, set the image width to "100%" and leave the height blank.
PS2: For support, please contact me via PM or email us at info@avatarbook.org
PS3: If you don't see the new editor, please press CTRL + F5 to clear your browser cache.