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A friend gave me a landmark, she titled the landmark: "You might like to write about this". So I took the teleport and I landed in a world of magic! An entire sim tributed to the world of DISNEY. I like suggestions that friends give me. That way I find the most amazing places, like this.

A place where you can be a kid again. Take pictures with your favorite disney characters. Enjoying a time in a place so different than any other in SL. A place to relax, let go of all your sorrows and just sing with Elsa and "Let it go".

"A Park dedicated to Walt Disney & his magical creations.

Come see your  favorite Disney characters from your favorite movies and even Walt himself.

Immerse yourself in this  great Disney & star wars  hangout

Tour, Dance, cuddle and enjoy the sights ㋡"

I have been walking around, taking several pictures. I can't get enough of this place. It is so much fun and there is so much to see. I look around and just felt speechless, than I decided I HAD to write about it so I could share it with all of you. You even can get your personal tile in this miraculous land and be a part of the magic. Isn't that fantastic?! 

"Hi there Disney lover ♥

I Wanted to let you know that now to complete your Disney experience on Foreverland, you can order a Disney tile with your name & rez date engraved - to commemorate your visit.

The tile will be placed in the village by your favorite scene and will be forever there for you to visit. 

It can also be a wonderful (and even romantic) gift for someone special, by either having both your names on it plus a special date, or just theirs.

Contact me with the details: Name or Names +  A special date + you favorite movie.

You can even ask for a short saying to be engraved on it.

The payment for it is only what you feel like paying for it  



metukah Lenroy


I am sure you are as excited as I am, so let's get you the SLURL: 

Click here for SLURL

Please, when you can support the place and do let me know what you think of the place. And if you know a place worth visiting, let me know to! Hope you are having fun!

Today I decided to go listen Tricky, I have heard him before so I know he is a fantastic artist! While I am writing htis he is doing a dutch song, and my eyes are tearing up. I hope you all will come and listen TrickyLicks to one of his shows soon. Let's find some information about this great dutch performer.

"TrickyLicks was raised in a family of artists who greatly influenced his creative output. He began playing guitar at the age of 12 and received private lessons from several instructors over the years. He now plays for you in SL ENTIRELY LIVE! A native to Rotterdam, west coast of the Netherlands. TrickyLicks often plays gigs in his RL area and in local and national festivals with his awesome band on his guitar synth."


He is playing today at Sky Music Park, a venue owned by Paradorn Ansar (another great dutch performer) and his partner Cazzy. Today our hostess is the very friendly Lacie Nolan. The sky Music Park venue is a nice outdoor-venue with enough space for the artists and the crowd. In a relaxing park you can enjoy a lot of music or just hang out. Make sure to check it out.


After a day of hard work I am in need of some music, checking out Events I decide to go to the live show of Aubryn Melody whic is playing LIVE at Frogstomp venue.

She is having a very good instrumental play and a very pretty voice and she is able to balance both of those talents into a very enjoyable show. Let's see what we can find out about her?

Big West Music recording artist Aubryn, is a singer/songwriter based in Nashville, TN. Her quirky songs maintain a sharp wit, paired with catchy and often haunting melodies that tell surprising stories of multidimensional women. Aubryn’s versatile voice has often been described as “Badass Alison Krauss meets Susan Tedeschi.” Her sound has been described as “Wild West” meets “Old School New Orleans.” Sharing the stage with acts such as Love and Theft, she draws influence from the likes of powerhouses Joan Osborne and Bonnie Raitt. Aubryn recorded her debut album with producer and percussionist Pino Squillace, one of the original members of the “Music Mafia,” alongside Gretchen Wilson and Big and Rich. The album, which was released on Friday, November 13, 2015, blends the genres of blues, folk, and Americana, with cabaret influenced melodies.

Having graduated from Stephens College with a BFA in Theater Arts and a minor in music, Aubryn moved to Nashville from San Diego, CA, to pursue a second Bachelors in Songwriting. Since then, she has established a strong local presence via her online show, and the two popular open mics she has hosted. Her first open mic endeavor, which started in 2012, was held on Monday nights at the National Underground; a venue on Broadway owned by Gavin DeGraw and his family. In the Spring of 2013, Aubryn hijacked the Monday night slot at the well-known Franklin Pike venue, Daisy Dukes, and moved her open mic there where it thrived for almost 2 years. The web show Aubryn’s Musiconversation, now in it’s fifth year, features a different musical guest every week. Loyal viewers have been known to tune in from as far west as San Diego, to as far east as the United Kingdom!

Aubryn has always known that music was her passion and she has never strayed from her goals of making music professionally. She creates stories that are timeless and classic, yet relatable to the modern woman. Touring often in the U.S., Aubryn frequents states such as North Carolina, California, Tennessee and Texas. Filling bars and venues across the states with her strong musical presence, Aubryn leaves a story behind everywhere she goes.

The unique talents of this songstress have not gone unnoticed nationally. Aubryn recently won 1st and 2nd place in the San Diego Songwriter's Guild Song Competition with two songs off her debut album, 1st place at the San Diego County Fair Singer/Songwriter competition, and was a 2015 Kerrville Folk Festival finalist in the New Folk Competition. One of the prizes for her first place win at the San Diego County fair was recording time with Big West Music at Big Rock Studios!

She has since signed a recording contract with Big West Music and together they have recorded her 2nd EP, "Up to No Good" in January of 2017, and are currently recording her 3rd release, "Deep Deep Blue".

Website | Calendar | Facebook

She is playing at the Frogstomp venue, owned by Abaraï Renji (mcmackin) and Dje Riddler. Today hosted by the lovely Melly Faith (melonyrose). Usually I am not a big fan of indoor venues but this one is really nice. Enough space for the artists and also for the guests, a friendly host and nice colorful interior.

"Frogstomp is the venue to come to discover many musicians . We organize also Open Mic regularly !"

SLURL | Calendar 


Today I was just bored so I started searching for new things, well new to me that is. All of the sudden I saw "Yardsale in a Shop - Mia's 2ndhand shop" popping up in my search results.

Yardsale? Secondhand market? I haven't seen that before so time to look what that is all about. Afterall, how is it possible? It is not like in RL where you can just sell it? In SL all object have next owner rights. And very usually that is no copy, no transfer or even both.

Well, let me take the teleport and see what it is all about. 

Upon landing I do have that yardsale / fleamarket / secondhand store feeling. I see I get a notecard with some information:

"Hi and thank you for visiting my shop. Majority of items in my shop you must right click and select TAKE after purchasing to receive the item(s). Exception is the multi item boards (vendor boards where you scroll thru all the items available).If you forgot, please stop back or as soon as I can I will do a return on the item which will put it in your lost and found folder."

Looking around most items being sold are no copy but transferrable. I think it is a fun way to find cheaper inventory, and if you start your own yardsale you can earn some money back and buy other things for yourself. 

Virtual recycling, I like it!

Seen anything you like? Here is the SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife//225/82/1900

Today I saw in events that there is an artist doing an actual world tour! I had to get in to that. How do you do a world tour in SL? Time to investigate this. As he is playing at AdMiRe with Twinky as hostess, I know she can help me with all the information I need.

12 venues in 6 weeks. And not just any venue. He is selecting the venues on where the owner is coming from. AdMiRe is a dutch venue so today the stop is in the Netherlands. And even with a custom lightshow during the shows from Moondance Parx. 

It is a energetic show and I must say, I really like it.

"Join us as the Jed Luckless 2019 World Tour heads to The Netherlands on our mission to bring high-energy original rock music to SL venues in Europe and around the world! Our first European stop is on Tuesday, May 7th at AdMiRe in The Netherlands, another new addition to the venues this year! Let's give them a warm welcome to Jed Tour! Showtime is 11am SLT, Yes 11am SLT! It's WORLD TOUR! Two sets with a brief set break. Get there early to make sure you get in! "

A very interesting concept I haven't seen very often. So I need to know more bout Jed himself! See what we can find?

"Jed Luckless is an original musician who performs in the NYC area and streams his shows online. His improvisational style has earned him the nickname Jammin' Jed. Jed plays shows at mutliple venues around Secondlife and also broadcasts live online at www.jedluckless.tv. HIs shows are typically a mix of covers and original music, drawing upon a deep, rotating catalog of songs combined with real time improvisation. Jed also plays live shows in the NY area as a solo act, in a quartet with The Jed Luckless Band, and with a Grateful Dead tribute band as well.Music and info can be found at www.jedluckless.com."

As mentioned before, he is playing at AdMiRe from 11 AM till 1 PM slt. So if you want to join us? 


AdMiRe is a RL foundation registered in the Netherlands. AdMiRe stands for Adorable Mixed Realities. Our goal is to bring performers from Second Life together in Real Life, and to bring these SL performers together with inworld residents, in RL. Therefore we organize a yearly SL/RL event aka THE DUTCH JAM in the Netherlands, during a weekend in September. 

The RL event is being streamed into SL. During the year we keep the community together and expand it by organizing inworld concerts in chase of the foundation's goal. Built after the RL location, you really get the AdMiRe feeling back on landing! 

FInd us:

Facebook | Website | Slurl "

Follow the SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Caledonia%20Park/115/54/26 and Twinky will welcome you with open arms! Jed is playing absolutely great. So make sure you go to one of his shows!

As I have more and more fun in writing blogs, I decided to also make my own information board in-world. 

I am, how I like to call it, a freelance blogger. Meaning, at this moment I am not writing for 1 brand or person in specific. I write when I want and about everything I want. Live music concerts, good working products or just about my adventures.When I like something i would love to give out credits. So a good musician will get a good decent article. But it is not only about the artist as the artist needs a place to play. So in a blog about a good musician, I usually write also about the venue. However, I also found venues that did a terrible job, than I will just not mention that place.
In my blogs I like to use pictures, some I make myself but I also like to use the poster, logo or ad-pic if possible.
Although I usually write just when I come across something I like, if you want me to write something about your show, store or product, feel free to ask me. 
NOTE: If I do not like the product, store or show (matter of taste, don't take it personal) I will not write about it, not even if you pay for it. That is because I want to only write positive but honest articles.
As I am a freelance blogger I am not paid by anyone, all my articles are written because I honestly like the subject. If you want me to write an article for you, it will not cost you anything but tips are much appreciated.
All my articles will be published on Avatarbook.org. This is a social platform much like Facebook but for SL residents only. You can read all the blogs without the need of signing up, however it would be great if you did sign up and follow me there. Almost 5000 SL residents already have joined and are able to read the blogs as well. How is that for free advertisement

I created an informationboard where you can get the link to my blogs here at AvBook, a notecard with information, a button to contact me and to join my group or subscriber. I already have 1 place to place it, the venue of my friends. Come and take a look!

Vaic Venue

Aminius is an artist who is playing in SL for a long time, and one of my favorite artists. His music is very various. He understands many genres and is doing a great job on both guitar and piano. When you hear him, you will understand what I mean. Unfortunetely I am not able to hear him as often as I would want to but luckily, today I can.

He is hosted today by Twinky Waffle. They know eachother in RL from several Jams they both attended.

"AMINIUS is an outstanding singer / guitarist / pianist who enjoys sharing his talents with friends and fans. His awesome voice will woo you onto the dance floor. Come and enjoy an hour of music and good people around you.Now, singing and playing acoustic guitar is a "mood amplifier" to him ... even when he is happy or sad. He likes to show his emotions with the music he does and to share it with other people. 
Presenting material by such artists as Ryan Adams, Oasis, The Verve, Damien Rice, Snow Patrol, and lot more."

Calendar | Facebook | YouTube

And if that isn't enough, today he plays for the hungry children in the slums of Kenya! How does he do it? Well, he only has to play his music on the right stage
Live and Learn in Kenya NGO is based in Selb, Germany. Live and Learn in Kenya International NGO is its "daughter" organization in Kenya and is a registered non-profit, charity organization.Desolation, hunger and thirst, poverty beyond comprehension, illiteracy, AIDS, child prostitution, child brides - this is what rules the lives of the people - especially the children - living within the Rhonda Slums of Nakuru, Kenya. Live and Learn in Kenya is changing this - day for day - child for child. Live and Learn in Kenya finds sponsors to finance the education of needy children, which includes everything that the child needs in order to go to school — fees, uniform, shoes, textbooks, school supplies. 
Feed a Smile is a project of the RL registered non-profit organization - Live and Learn in Kenya Int'l. (LLK Int'l)  www.llk-selb.de Brique Topaz - (Zeiner) is the RL Chairwoman of the organization in Kenya and in Germany. LLK Int'l is in its 11th year - and has sent hundreds of children to school. That is what LLK Int'l is all about - providing needy children with an education so that they can find their way out of the vicious circle of poverty. Our motto is: 'Education is the key to the future' which explains exactly what is important. We help the children find a way to be all that they can be - and we provide everything necessary for them to go to school  - including daily warm meals, medical and dental care, school materials, uniforms, fees, extracurricular activities, etc. 
And the children even thank the artists! You wonder how?:

Website | Facebook | Calendar | 
Make sure you come and check out this worthy charity! SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Feed%20A%20Smile/50/142/23

Have you ever heard Laralette? If you have not, please make sure you will soon. She has a great voice, accompanies herself with her guitar and above all: She is so funny! She giggles a lot and that really is infectious (in a good way that is). Her show will cheer you up, everytime again! So, who is Lara, let's find out!

"Laralette is a German solo acoustic guitar artist that has been performing in real life for over 20 years.  Her love of music is real and is not narrowed down to just one genre, and she's brought it all here to Second Life where she's been performing since late 2008.  From John Denver to The Cure, and from Billy Joel to R.E.M, Laralette can sing it all."


She doesn't have a manager, so if you want to know more, you'll have to IM her. 

Laralette is playing at SurfSide HideAway. Surfside is a venue that is excisting since 2009! The owner is deѕιrαe вeαυмoɴт and she is taking good care of the artists and guests. I suggest you will check out the calendar and visit them soon!

"Live music, art, nature, surfing. Your hangout and dance place."


This is insane, from one great musician to another. Usually I hop from sim to sim to find music that sounds good but today at AdMiRe, I can just stay, listen and relax. And yes, writing to you to tell how good they are.

The second Brendan starts playing I feel it is good. He has a calming and beautiful voice and his guitarplay is in perfect balance. This is the music we want to hear. I really hope I can see more of his concerts and I hope you can to!

"A seasoned veteran of the Second Life live music circuit, Brendan refuses to be seduced by the lure of backing tracks. During more than ten years of SL performance, he listens carefully to any feedback and tries to establish a repertoire that appeals to a wide variety of tastes across the genres of traditional folk and more contemporary popular music."

While I am listening I am browsing his website, after all, we want to know all about the musicians!You can find the calendar on his website, but it would be more fun to just join his group and follow him around the grid.

This doesn't happen much but today I feel so overwhelmed with good music, I lost words to write! How crazy is that? So for today I will just relax and really enjoy the show. I think that is a bigger compliment than any blog!

Even though I am not long enough in SL to know this performer, my close friends whom I also know in RL are all going insane about this news. AndyDennis Enchanted is coming back to play his music in SL. So I am going to that show, as we shouldn't miss this. One of the people I know in RL is Twinky Waffle and she also is the one who organized this ComebackShow today. Andy and Twinky have been friends for many years so when she heard Andy wants to come back playing LIVE in sl, the date was set very quickly.

But not only the comeback is special today. Twinky also got Brendan Shoreland playing today at 11 AM, which will be a Venue-Debut. So we can stay here the next 2 hours!

Andy is about to start, let's hear what he has to bring!

"*Andy Dennis is a RL professional performer
*Musician (guitar & harmonica) Singer/Songwriter
*Acoustic Blues Folk Country Pop or Original
*Finger style, lead and rhythm guitar.
*Decades old harmonica player
All round, mature performer, with comedic style, wit and charm"

Wow, what a warm deep voice he has. And he's not playing just 1 but multiple instruments. This is what we can call MUSIC. I fully understand why people get so excited. He sure is a good artist. If you don't know him yet, make sure you go to his shows soon. Join his group so you know when and where he plays.

He is playing NOW February 26, 10 AM at AdMiRe

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