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Today we are welcoming back David Perdu in the SL music scene. After several years of absense he will do his comebackshow today, at AdMiReat 9 AM slt! His manager, Twinky Waffle, is a good friend of mine and she showed me the YouTubepage of David Perdu. And wow, that music is really great. Lets first get some information about him! I will definetely be at this show today and I hope you are all joining me there.



Hailing from North Wales, David Perdu (RL- David Burton) is an accomplished songwriter and instrumentalist who has composed many thought-provoking and foot tapping songs. He has performed live both solo and with  his band up and down the country for over ten years supporting fine artists such as Eric Roche and also playing backup guitar for numerous talented singer songwriters including a stint with Duffy. Over this time he has honed a unique fusion of jazz, rock and folk known as fraz. His virtuoso guitar skills leave audiences open-mouthed as he performs his own compositions whilst also playing tribute to the work of acoustic guitar heroes such as John Renbourn, Bert Jansch and Pierre Bensusan.



While talking to Twinky to get a bit more information about David, she tells me back in the days she already was his manager. And she is thrilled he asked her again to manage him. His fangroup is still the same, and Twinky even saved his subscriber all those years. A brand new board is made by Twinky, a couple of new promopics and together with some friends (Thank you Obbe) they also got him to change into a mesh avatar. So a fresh start for this great performer but they hope all of his fans of years ago will find their way back to his shows. Although today is the official comebackshow, they already booked a few more venues for David to play. So do check up his calendar.

If you want to know more about David, or want to book him for your own venue, make sure you contact his manager Twinky Waffle.



As mentioned, he will play today at AdMiRe, a venue where Twinky hosts several shows every Tuesday. David will be the first of a 4 hour line-up today, so when you get there, you'll have no reason to leave. :)

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