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When you are familiar in the live music scene, you probably know Henrietta! She is the trusty sidekick of Live Musician Mike Carnell. She always is there to support him, always there to help him and she has made many friends in the years.

Henrietta is on a strict diet of apples, carrots and probably nibbling on Mike his clothing every now and then.

Both in SL and Rl she has many friends in any form! Now you must be wondering, who this magical  Henrietta is?

Well, she is a GOAT! She loves carrots. SO if you ran into her at one of Mike his shows, make sure to feed her some carrots!
If you have never met Henrietta, please go to one of Mike00 Carnell his shows and you will be able to meet and greet with the one and only Henrietta


Today it was really looking for music that would inspire me to write. When I landed at Surfside, within a few seconds I knew I had found my inspiration for today.

The soothing notes of a good acoustic guitar with a really warm voice warmed me up instantly. You can really hear he just loves to play music. A man and his guitar! Really beautiful.

Let's see if we can find a bit more information about Wes.

Playing his well-strummed guitar, Wes will present many great songs of love and the different journeys that each of us are on in our own lives which will embrace you in a warm and cozy atmosphere with gentle smiles and happy memories.
A guitarist singer songwriter born out West, raised in the East , returned to his roots in the Rocky Mountains, Wes will entertain you with acoustic covers from the 70's and later and  his own original sappy love songs.

I haven't been able to find a calendar so you have to look in Events to find him, or join his group "Wes from the West".

He does have a soundcloud, so click HEREto go to his Soundcloud.



Wes is playing at a well-known venue called Surfside Hideaway which is owned by deѕιrαe вeαυмoɴт.

Surfside is a beautiful venue (established January 2009) for music but as the name might do expect, you also can surf there. And if you want to go surfing directly after waking up, they have rentals too! Definetely worth checking out!




If you are a bit like me, you like to promote your things. Your blog, venue, store or beautiful sim. We all can use some promotion. One of the ways is to get your brand seen by people. I like to rent cheap shops or marketstalls to rezz my information-board. To help you out in this blog I will try to list as many cheap shops and marketstalls as possible. If you have some cheap rentals yourself or know of any, do let me know so I can check out and list it down here as well.

Listed in alphabetical order with prices and amount of prims (landimpact). Prices per week!


AdMiRe, a live music venue with regular shows. In RL they organize an annual jam. An entire week-end of friends and music. A few shops and marketstalls for rent.
Shop: 30 L$ with 30 Prims
Marketstall: 10 L$ with 10 Prims
Click HERE for SLURL


Amsterdam, more than 1 sim with clubs, shops, a red light district and more typical dutch things. Also a beautiful place to get to know the real Amsterdam.
Marketstall: 30 L$ with 10 Prims
Click HERE for SLURL


GlamourFlage, a club with a huge mall in the backyard. Several shops and marketstalls available. Also a nice beach and a place to sit and relax.
Shops: 20 L$ with 20 Prims - 25 L$ for 25 Prims
Marketstalls: 10 L$ with 10 Prims
Click HERE for SLURL (You will land IN the club, use the door to get outside).


MEETRO Outdoor: Meet residents, chat, shop and have fun. Small shops for rent at super cheap rates. Very creative constructed.
Not sure if it qualifies as a shop or a stall, so we call them rental-units.
Units: 5 L$ with 10 Prims - 20 L$ with 10 Prims
Click HERE for SLURL


Sage Rentals. Cheap rentals, from skybox to shop and marketstalls, prices are depending on location and size of the shop.
Shops: 50 L$ with 30 Prims - 50 L$ with 50 Prims - 75 L$ with 50 Prims - 45 L$ with 30 Prims
Marketstalls: 10 L$ with 10 Prims
Click HERE for SLURL



As everyone could have seen and read, I love to blog here. Virtual Nomad and I sometimes talk on the message-system here in AvatarBook. I know he is a busy man and he regretted he had to let go of his office in-world.

With a little help of my friends we have a small parcel available to make a little office. Now, an empty parcel is not what we like so with a little more help of my friends I was able to get everything setup.

Thanks to Twinky Waffle for sponsoring us her little parcel. It is a very nice place.
Thanks to Aerielle Eolande for helping me with most of the scripted things.



What can you all do in the office you ask?
How about picking up a 1 LI Informationboard to rezz at your own place, so more people will join us at Avatarbook. Do let me/us know when you have rezzed an informationboard, I am curious to see your place!

Also you can get information about Avatarbook and join the Avatarbook in-worldgroup.

But you also can just relax at our terrace, talk to others, relax and enjoy a beautiful sunrise.



I am sure you want to come and see.

Now all I can hope is that Virtual likes it.


Feel free to come and take a look with this SLURL


Please do know, I am a blogger. I am not technical support or member of the AvatarBook team. I just want to help a bit to get AvatarBook more populair!


It has been a while since my last blog, but that doesn't mean I lost my drive to write. Now with the new blogging platform here on AvatarBook it is time to pick up writing again. And as always, I like to write about a lot of things but one of my favorite things to write about is LIVE music.
Today I went to Lexus Melodie. I have heard her several times and I always like to keep listening to her. She has a unique voice which I highly appreciate. If you have a chance to listen to one of her shows, I recommend you do. You won't be dissapointed.


So let's see if we can catch some info about this amazing talent.


"Lexus Melodie is a british singer-songwriter whose performances combine great music, warmth of personality and a sense of humour in equal quantities. She has a voice that can melt hearts but never takes herself too seriously. Lexus's original songs range from haunting tales of loss and love to ascerbic wit. Her list of covers is eclectic, with a slight bias towards the best of british music from the Beatles to Kirsty MacColl to the Arctic Monkeys.Lexus has performed her originals live in and around London. No stranger to the SL music scene, Lexus has returned after a break with some great new originals and covers to delight new and existing fans alike."





Lexus is playing today at the Mumbling Goat Pub, a venue "dedicated to the songwriters and music creators who enrich our lives,  all worlds".
Being here it feels a bit like being home but also being on vacation. A beuatiful cozy indoor venue at a small harbor where the pelicans are not afraid of the guests.


"A community area for Artists and Musicians, Boasting Art Gallery, Movie Theater,  and Pub, opening up to a vast sea of Fables. Weekly Shows and movies. "



The owners, Lazarus Doghouse and Meg Madrigal make sure everyone is feeling welcome. They have a lot of good live music lined up, so worth coming over, enjoying music or dreaming away in the harbor during a beautiful sunset.