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This time I choosed first time my RYL Glam Boots Black in addition again with Nude TMP pictures pack.

All 99 Lindens like Common.

Boots reduced for 41 L

The pictures for nearly 50%.  

Category is sure Art & Fashion.

From now on I post no extra vendor pictures for FF or TT. I wil always make blogs. To see both articles u must use the upper link .

Rose Your Life shows here last time this winter the complete exclusive Ice Ice Baby Design and a gift that normally cost in mainshop. It is one of my rugs with a female Gladiator several times on it.


U must walk right side and then forward and right side again.

The event belongs to the groups Frisky Friday & Thrifty Thursday. I put vendors for both there.

A demo of my Love rug is there. I made it once for Valentine. It has only couple Animations.


Official one week, but regular it stays still the next FF I do.

I think I have first time 2 products.

This Top u find only sometimes at whole sl grid.

U can get here


Ich wünsche viel Spaß mit RYL Happy New Jahr
(40 Lindens)
inworld direkt bei mir oder Altstadt, oder wood island und Tempel erhältlich.








wood island has a Silveter party. For now u land direct in the party. Please search theteleporter and choose shop, or simply take one of Kuroni adress.

Na, die party geht wohl nur noch für eine Stunde. Ihr habt nun 1 Woche Zeit.  Dann kommt es eventuell Ende des Jahres darauf wieder.

Because I took over a week for the Christmas picture i set now on all sims a 2nd vendor - only for the Silvester picture

I took Adventgift and group 1000 membergift from Divia´s Design.

Thids Line belongs to my "Christmas Edition" I add every new year pictures. The idea came during I watched a TV Production. The Name was "Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht". It came on Servus TV and told the world story of this Song. And it said it is not only a Christmas Song, It is a New Year Song, too.

So normally I make every week a picture.That is why I call the pictures Wochenbild or Picture of the week. But beside the christmas work I had not so the time. So will follow soon the next picture to get the 4rth December picture. In January it will begin normal again.



Gallery in Altstadt


Tempel with some vendors


This is my first day here

Dies ist mein erster Tag hier.

I hope I need not so long to move here and find the right groups.

Ich hoffe ich lerne mich hier schnell zu bewegen , die richtigen Gruppen zu finden usw


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