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Officially it will end in some hours, but the things normal stays some days longer. So hurry, if u wasn´t there till now and wanna grab my Dollarbie. A golden soccer girl.

Mainproduct I postet at avatarbook marketplace earlier. That are bodypaints of the 1-3rd places so far as maps of the countries.

So hurry now!




It Event is still there. So long till the area is tidy up, So long u can still get the my Dollarbie. Because the pasties are small, nt all nipples will be covered. Give it a try.


Look also in my Clothpictures. There u will find the mainproduct. 

RYl Las Vegas West Show (a modern Cowgirl)

Here I explain the Hunt ...

4 red eggs to search (all free)

2 free Tattoos (for beginners Klebetattoos) both sexes

free Huds ( 1 girl, 1 male) u need basic for.

mor e Infos look Hud









My RYL Clublounge Bunny for the evening, for Club personal, or for Roleplay....


The RYL Gorbikini for Gor / Medieval people


My RYL Clublounge Bunny for the evening, for Club personal, or for Roleplay....
The RYL Gortrikini forGor / Medieval people
For infos, LM ... look the Hud!
The Bunny will stay the next week.


After official end the Event last normally still some days. U must test. I cannot get in sl as many other Residents these days. It could be the things stay longer than normal. 

U should give it a try.

my booth

Hello dears,

this is only a remembering that the "Steam Me Up Hunt" only takes place in march. If u was not collecting my gift for u , u should hurry.


Also remembering that the new weekpicture & week-rug are here.




This time I choosed first time my RYL Glam Boots Black in addition again with Nude TMP pictures pack.

All 99 Lindens like Common.

Boots reduced for 41 L

The pictures for nearly 50%.  

Category is sure Art & Fashion.

From now on I post no extra vendor pictures for FF or TT. I wil always make blogs. To see both articles u must use the upper link .

Rose Your Life shows here last time this winter the complete exclusive Ice Ice Baby Design and a gift that normally cost in mainshop. It is one of my rugs with a female Gladiator several times on it.


U must walk right side and then forward and right side again.

The event belongs to the groups Frisky Friday & Thrifty Thursday. I put vendors for both there.

A demo of my Love rug is there. I made it once for Valentine. It has only couple Animations.


Official one week, but regular it stays still the next FF I do.

I think I have first time 2 products.

This Top u find only sometimes at whole sl grid.

U can get here


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