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Aletha's blog

Hey there, Morrigan here! This is probably the only time I am going to post out of character, avatarbook for me and my ilk is something our avatars use. Since we don't do SL facebooks due to the name policy etc.

All our posts relate to what we do in world, we aren't bloggers who are blogging for endorsements. We are SL roleplayers with SL based businesses that we may here and there reference or advertise but not terribly often. It gets annoying. Really does.

So what do Morrigan, Cordelia, Caleb and co (if we can get them on av book finally) post about? Pure in world stuff. RP mostly. We'd love to find an even bigger community to exchange with and not always just see blogs and events. So you modern urban law and crime rp'ers we are certainly looking for you in the sea of posts :)

Now back to Morrigan the character ;)