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Mar 13 '15 | By Aerlinniel Roughneck | Views: 518 | Comments: 0
Back to the 70's, wasn't always about psychadelic, but then perhaps a touch. This skybox home is in the 70s hunt being ran by Fi's Creations and as all the items in the hunt, only 25L. They are also selling a matching living room set and kitchen during the hunt for 25L each. Anyways, this is the outfit, it has a wall around it, safety and all that. Ever fall from a skybox? Sobering experience!


The inside of the skybox, as you can see it has a faux rezzer, the kitchen does as well or you can just put out the pieces that you wish to use.(Info from Creator)  The Groove is copy/mod so you can change the textures and modify the structure without losing the original, and comes packaged in a Rex-faux for easy positioning and placement.

*1 Story, with rock base and support pillars below.
*Copy/Mod, No Transfer
*80 L.I.
*30x30 Footprint
*15M Tall

* Locking Doors with Access Lists
* Windows change textures with the click of a switch in each room.
* Comes in a handy rez-faux for easy setup and moving


There are cooking animations in the kitchen for those who enjoy roleplaying such. I brought along one of my dachshunds, feels more realistic to me :D Also, these great nails are designed by La Boheme for the hunt, there are two different patterns to choose from, both for slink, toes and fingernails. These cute moccasin boots are in the hunt and created by Lindy's shoes. The maxi dress is created by Fiona's herself of Fi's creations for the hunt as well. It is mesh and comes in the standard sizes.


The skin that I am wearing is by 7 Deadly Skins and on sale at Feeb's Rascals Sales Room. The hemp necklace, another item in the hunt is designed  by Glint Jewelry. The hair is by Nekka and eyes by Soul.



Goodstuff- Frying Pan w/Egg
Wingsong Dachshund Companion V2 Box
 =EC Designs= The Groove - 70's Skybox FREE
=EC Designs= ~The Groove~ Kitchen Set 25L

Clothing & Accessories-
Fi's Creations - 70s Hunt Maxi Dress FREE
Lindy Rowena Tand (rsc)
::Glint: Women's peace & mushrooms hemp necklace

Body Stuff-
7 Deadly s{K}ins - Robyn Feeb's Rascals

Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Soul- DLS - Luminis Eyes - Cerulean
!hairs+ NEKKA - Constancia v2.9 egg+ FREE
La Boheme LB JazzHands] *Slink* Manicure

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