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Mar 10 '15 | By Aerlinniel Roughneck | Views: 390 | Comments: 0


Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm coffee first thing in the morning...so good...wha? What the??! Where's the coffee????  ( Outfit brought to you from the gacha and Facepalm currently at Spring in the Village for another week. Lovely curlers in hair brought to you by Spell Works and this great skin *hehe check out the facial expression! brought to you by 7 Deadly Skins!)      


Ahem! Coffee? In Da cup! Hellloooooooo!!! LOOK It's empty! I wanted a sugar free vanilla latte and I get..EMPTY! ( Yup..insomnia and grumpy. This is one of several outfits that can be won in that gacha, Only a week left of the event, so hurry over, dun miss out!)


This much milk...and coffeee..what is so hard to understand here?


Location- {MV}: {Alternative Fashion} Flagship Store, Garden of Stygia
Poses-Love me Brutal  lmb} {but where is the ... ?.fin

Clothing & Accessories-
+Facepalm+ Spring Gachas- Insomniac Common ! @Spring in the Village

Body Stuff-
*Birth* Presence Eyes - Blue Burst (Smaller)
Spell Works Retro Rollers Vendor: :.Reto Rollers.: Blush LARAIN
7 Deadly s{K}ins - TEMPERANCE Box 1 Caramel Debuting as exclusive at Skin Fair 2015

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