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LOOK #296 Her Prince

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Mar 6 '15 | By Aerlinniel Roughneck | Views: 450 | Comments: 0
Kiss a frog, they said. A slimy warty toad of a sleek skinned frog. Which one was it to be? And how was she going to be able to tell if it was the right one? Well, this little fellow had a crown on, so...big hint?? Ewww so gross! I can't believe I'm about to kiss this thing. AHHH he stuck out his tongue and caught a fly!


In these pictures I am wearing an exclusive for the Spring in the Village Fair by Celtic Corsets, the dress comes in standard mesh sizes and fits beautifully. I also have on hair by Olive, it was in a gatcha at the Fantasy Gacha Event but I would pretty much bet it's at their main store now.


I removed the frog and so now you see the kissy face in the pose LOL. But more important is that you can now see the skin that I am wearing. This skin was designed by 7 Deadly Skins and will be making it's debut on march 13th at the Skin Fair. The nails I am wearing are a creation of  Nail Me found at their main store, and the necklace I am wearing was part of a Christmas Advent by Lantian/Flox. The headdress I have on was created by Mystic Sky, all put together is a nice medieval look for those days you wish to RP or just do up some cute pictures.





Location-~The Forest ~

Poses-{NanTra} Kiss the Frog 6 was at Fantasy Gatcha

Clothing & Accessories-
Lantian/Flox ~L/Fx~Triple Moon Necklace - Silver  MCtbox {f}  Was part of Christmas Advent
Mystic Sky- Medieval Flower Headdress: Lavender
Celtic Corsets Exclusive-  Bathory  Spring in the Village

Body Stuff-
.Olive. the Ivy Hair - Dark Fades [BXD] ULTRA RARE  was at Fantasy Gatcha
7 Deadly s{K}ins - TEMPERANCE Box 1 Caramel Skin Fair exclusive

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