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Nov 24 | By Rosalynn SL | Views: 18 | Comments: 0


Welcome to my blog & thanks for stopping by.


I have not been back too long about a couple days now.. But I have stumbled upon this new body that has come out it is called " Kalhene Erika Body " So far I absolutely love everything about this body! not only does it come with several complete outfits but it also come with Skins, Shape's, 3 heads and a whole lotta more! even a play set.


Not only is this body more bang for your buck! She can be hella thick or as skinny as you want her to be! The curves you can achieve with this body is phenomenal! and yes I know there are other bodies that can do the same thing and has more " Clothing " options but if you haven't already go give this girl a try! She is also BOM ready! yes that's right ladies! BOM ready! so we don't have to stick to annoying ass applier's just to be what society think's is considered as " Beautiful " you can be beautiful in your own way! the HUDS are simple with some great features! there's belly, bum & boob suckinners, lifters, shapers, I mean seriously c'mon what more could you ask for! Thank you to Jynxu for posting first for me to try her out! as I just got back.


Head: Lelutka - Avalon EvoX 3.1

Hair: Litte Bones - Slice * Neon roots *

Hairbase: n/a

Shape: Kalhene - Katia Shape * Gift *


What I'm wearing!

Top: Kalhene - outfit #13 Lazulli's

Bottoms: Kalhene - outfit #1 light jeans

Shoes: Kalhene - outfit #13 Lazulli's

Accessories: n/a


If you have any Questions feel free to Dm me inworld/facebook or leave a message @

SL: Mayaskyrose


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