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The Weekender - Better Late Than Never!

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May 17 | By stormywillow | Views: 64 | Comments: 0
The Weekender - Better Late Than Never!

So sorry that I am late! This weekend has been CRAZY irl, but there is still time to go in world and get some great deals!

FoxCity once again has some AMAZING poses on sale and two photo booths. One of the poses is a single person pose. It is called the Heaven Bento Pose. Yes, it is a Bento pose and these are usually quite well done. The photo booth that the ad shows the poses is also on sale. It is called...you guessed it, Heaven.

The other is for a couple and it is called My Boo. Yes, it too is a Bento pose and it is quite sexy if you ask me. The photo booth that is on sale, and shown in the My Boo ad, is called Pink AF and...it is pink AF!

Both photo booths are well done and quite gorgeous. All four items are on sale for 75Ls. This week there are also three Gachas.


Another Saturday sale favorite for me is Move! Animations Cologne. They have GREAT Bento dances. And they are smooth too, not like the days of old when you could tell that the dance just returned to the beginning.

This week they have the Jana Casual Bento Dances on sale. Single dances are 60Ls and the entire pack is on sale for only 599Ls. To give you an idea of how much of a markdown this is, single dances are normally 300Ls and the pack is 2399Ls.

I strongly encourage you to go check them out. They have LOTS of amazing dances in store - both male AND female. Check out their SLurl down below.


Next week I promise to do better to give everyone time to get in and get those deals. AND I have a few new ones to add!

Do you know of great sales? Send me a message and I will add it to my rounds.

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