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⁣ Quiet Nights at Home with Max

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May 7 '20 | By Aerlinniel Roughneck | Views: 129 | Comments: 0
⁣ Quiet Nights at Home with Max
 Just a quiet night at home, Max is mesmorized by the sands in the hourglass and sitting quietly while incense scents the house with soothing aromatherapy. 

Shown are several items by Petricher formally known as Plastik.
- Rainala Mirror 
 100% custom mesh, 4 types included, materials enabled, Icy frost on mirror glass. Shown is Open-Lean

- Pell Candleholder
 100% Custom Mesh, HUD Controlled, many versions to choose from. Shown is Oaken

- Celene Tapestry 
 Several tapestry designs to choose from.  100% Custom mesh, gorgeous materials enabled. Shown is Whisper

- Budh Bookcase (Spec. Edition)Budh Kay&Riven 
100% custom mesh, Gorgeous Texture rework and new materials and shine. ( shown is Kay)

- Summerwytch Decor 
100% custom mesh, houglass, succulents, candleholder w/votive glass, small bown of incense, small bowl with lit incense. 

Dench Designs - *Denchy* Basset Hound
This little guy includes a sound menu and is a great companion to sit and relax with

Eclectica Curiosities Stay-at-Home Comfy Reading Chair Set 
This set includes the reading chair, (with several sitting animations), table, and lamp, (with on/off by touch).It is a Stay at Home Club FREE gift
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