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⁣Stargazer is at the Fantasy Faire!

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Apr 26 '20 | By Stargazer | Views: 242 | Comments: 0
⁣Stargazer is at the Fantasy Faire!



The Fantasy Faire is once again open and Stargazer is there with some amazing exclusives.

Among the items at the booth:

Stargazer FF Booth_003

Exclusive Donation Vendor items:

Lyeha Bodysuit with Materials. Fits Meshbody Classic, Slink Hourglass, Belleza Freya, and Maitreya Lara. There are 2 fatpack versions with 9 colors each!

Several Gachas only 50L/Play!

Iracabetha for Maitreya
Arotia for Maitreya
Araqueil Regalia for Maitreya
Ravakraniel Raglia For Maitreya
Edra Exclusive for Maitreya
Decadence for Maitreya
Yerendil for Maitreya
Keadais Set for Maitreya
Brimira for Maitreya/Legacy

Dalea for Legacy
Natria for Legacy

Unisex Skin Gachas include:
Wild Space Omega appliers and BOM ready
Taryne Omega appliers and BOM ready

Stargazer FF Booth_001

Various Body Materials that are 50% off during fair!:

Poetica, Dryad, Ederea, Historia, Roses, and Wind. Appliers for Omega Evolve, Maitreya, Catwa, Legacy. Lifetime free updates

Body Accessories:
Omesh Bugs and Aliens Antennae Compatible with Omega head appliers
Sylvan Omesh ears Omega compatible
Ondine Omesh ears Omega Compatible



Draconar mesh eyes Omega
Chrystal Dust eyes – Omega
Zodiac Omega eyes

Stargazer FF Booth_002

Skin Sets:

Vespoidea Skin set for Female and Male Mix and Match Unisex skin, BOM layers, Legacy, Omega HUDs, Materials. Wings + tail, Nail polish, eyes, hair.

Unisex Jiale Variety Skin Set
Omega, Legacy, Bento Wings, Body shine material, eyes, nails

Rocepedia Unisex skin Set, Hair, Eyes, Nails, Wings, Skin Appliers, BOM

Florentine Skin Set Unisex, Omega appliers, nail polish, eyes, BOM

Filigree Overture Unisex System Layers, Appliers, Bento Wings

Ethereal Elementals Skin Set Unisex, System Layers, Appliers, system eyes, eyes and nail appliers, bento wings

Cyllaendea Unisex skin set System skin, Appliers, Bento Wings, eyes, nail appliers

Ethereal Elementals Unisex skin set. BOM, Appliers, Bento Wings, system eyes, eye and naill appliers, bento wings.

Filigree Overture Unisex BOM, Appliers, bento wings


Unisex Florentine Leaf BOM Only
Unisex Asterodea BOM Only
Nyundi BOM Only, Unisex
BOM 2020 SE Unisex special edition skin
Northern Night Unisex skin Appliers and BOM Ready
Nyundi Unisex skin BOM and Appliers

Clothing 50% off:

Chiara Dress for Maitreya
Ecirane Raglia for Maitreya
Mandala body Suit for Maitreya
Cassiopea for Maitreya and Legacy

FREE BOM goodies gift!!

Taxi coming soon! Fair opens in 5 hours. Keep checking back or check their blog HERE for SLurls once the Fair has opened.

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