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Spring Fling 2020 at Estoria in Second Life

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Apr 9 '20 | By stormywillow | Views: 294 | Comments: 3
Spring Fling 2020 at Estoria in Second Life

I know that we are all going through a tough time right now. We are staying at home to stay lives. Thankfully, we all spend time in virtual reality world(s), so we still have 'human' contact. But still, our lives are forever changed and things that we used to do we cannot.

In my home town, we have an annual festival called Tulip Time. Because of the pandemic, we were unable to hold the festival this year. To bring some happiness to my rl family and friends' lives, I tried to recreate it in SL. My rendition is not exactly what we usually see, but it is similar. I call it my 'Ode to Tulip Time' or, to keep it simple, Spring Fling.

If you have not done so already, please take time to review the photos I posted as a 'tease'. I hope you enjoy the photos and, if you are curious, I am happy to share the SLurl.

Much love to everyone.

Be Safe and Take Care,


Cyber_Duke Owner
Apr 9 '20
⁣Very nice article and contribution to the community. Give us the SURL! relaxed
Apr 24 '20
There has been a little bit of change because I was able to rent more land. However, the tulips are still out to enjoy. Here is the SLurl: ⁣http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Music/205/105/21
Cyber_Duke Owner
Apr 24 '20
Thank you slight_smile
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