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Abbie is still in sl but real life threw her a curve in june 2018 with endometrial Cancer.

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Feb 23 '20 | By Abbie Abismo | Views: 158 | Comments: 0

I am a going on two year cancer patient/survivor. I cant affrod surgery or the living expenses after my insurance pays. I am going bankrupt darn near and my credit is in the hole waiting for us permanent disability. I ask for prayers and I thank ms jo yardley owner of the 1920's berlin project for sending mea live gift through amazon then making the sim my forever home. I am a walker in relay for life as a survivor in real life. I'd like to come in world for fun only and maybe here. Things are different for abbie abismo she has cancer now and is nearly 50. I reach out to the admin of t his site to pray for me and welcome me here. Thank you, go to hell cancer!!!

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