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Wes West @ Surfside Hideaway

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Feb 19 '20 | By Silvester | Views: 394 | Comments: 0
Wes West @ Surfside Hideaway

Today it was really looking for music that would inspire me to write. When I landed at Surfside, within a few seconds I knew I had found my inspiration for today.

The soothing notes of a good acoustic guitar with a really warm voice warmed me up instantly. You can really hear he just loves to play music. A man and his guitar! Really beautiful.

Let's see if we can find a bit more information about Wes.

Playing his well-strummed guitar, Wes will present many great songs of love and the different journeys that each of us are on in our own lives which will embrace you in a warm and cozy atmosphere with gentle smiles and happy memories.
A guitarist singer songwriter born out West, raised in the East , returned to his roots in the Rocky Mountains, Wes will entertain you with acoustic covers from the 70's and later and  his own original sappy love songs.

I haven't been able to find a calendar so you have to look in Events to find him, or join his group "Wes from the West".

He does have a soundcloud, so click HEREto go to his Soundcloud.



Wes is playing at a well-known venue called Surfside Hideaway which is owned by deѕιrαe вeαυмoɴт.

Surfside is a beautiful venue (established January 2009) for music but as the name might do expect, you also can surf there. And if you want to go surfing directly after waking up, they have rentals too! Definetely worth checking out!




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