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Affordable shops & marketstalls

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Feb 18 '20 | By Silvester | Views: 421 | Comments: 0
Affordable shops & marketstalls

If you are a bit like me, you like to promote your things. Your blog, venue, store or beautiful sim. We all can use some promotion. One of the ways is to get your brand seen by people. I like to rent cheap shops or marketstalls to rezz my information-board. To help you out in this blog I will try to list as many cheap shops and marketstalls as possible. If you have some cheap rentals yourself or know of any, do let me know so I can check out and list it down here as well.

Listed in alphabetical order with prices and amount of prims (landimpact). Prices per week!


AdMiRe, a live music venue with regular shows. In RL they organize an annual jam. An entire week-end of friends and music. A few shops and marketstalls for rent.
Shop: 30 L$ with 30 Prims
Marketstall: 10 L$ with 10 Prims
Click HERE for SLURL


Amsterdam, more than 1 sim with clubs, shops, a red light district and more typical dutch things. Also a beautiful place to get to know the real Amsterdam.
Marketstall: 30 L$ with 10 Prims
Click HERE for SLURL


GlamourFlage, a club with a huge mall in the backyard. Several shops and marketstalls available. Also a nice beach and a place to sit and relax.
Shops: 20 L$ with 20 Prims - 25 L$ for 25 Prims
Marketstalls: 10 L$ with 10 Prims
Click HERE for SLURL (You will land IN the club, use the door to get outside).


MEETRO Outdoor: Meet residents, chat, shop and have fun. Small shops for rent at super cheap rates. Very creative constructed.
Not sure if it qualifies as a shop or a stall, so we call them rental-units.
Units: 5 L$ with 10 Prims - 20 L$ with 10 Prims
Click HERE for SLURL


Sage Rentals. Cheap rentals, from skybox to shop and marketstalls, prices are depending on location and size of the shop.
Shops: 50 L$ with 30 Prims - 50 L$ with 50 Prims - 75 L$ with 50 Prims - 45 L$ with 30 Prims
Marketstalls: 10 L$ with 10 Prims
Click HERE for SLURL


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