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Lexus Melodie LIVE at the Mumbling Goat

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Feb 10 '20 | By Silvester | Views: 632 | Comments: 4
Lexus Melodie LIVE at the Mumbling Goat


It has been a while since my last blog, but that doesn't mean I lost my drive to write. Now with the new blogging platform here on AvatarBook it is time to pick up writing again. And as always, I like to write about a lot of things but one of my favorite things to write about is LIVE music.
Today I went to Lexus Melodie. I have heard her several times and I always like to keep listening to her. She has a unique voice which I highly appreciate. If you have a chance to listen to one of her shows, I recommend you do. You won't be dissapointed.


So let's see if we can catch some info about this amazing talent.


"Lexus Melodie is a british singer-songwriter whose performances combine great music, warmth of personality and a sense of humour in equal quantities. She has a voice that can melt hearts but never takes herself too seriously. Lexus's original songs range from haunting tales of loss and love to ascerbic wit. Her list of covers is eclectic, with a slight bias towards the best of british music from the Beatles to Kirsty MacColl to the Arctic Monkeys.Lexus has performed her originals live in and around London. No stranger to the SL music scene, Lexus has returned after a break with some great new originals and covers to delight new and existing fans alike."





Lexus is playing today at the Mumbling Goat Pub, a venue "dedicated to the songwriters and music creators who enrich our lives,  all worlds".
Being here it feels a bit like being home but also being on vacation. A beuatiful cozy indoor venue at a small harbor where the pelicans are not afraid of the guests.


"A community area for Artists and Musicians, Boasting Art Gallery, Movie Theater,  and Pub, opening up to a vast sea of Fables. Weekly Shows and movies. "



The owners, Lazarus Doghouse and Meg Madrigal make sure everyone is feeling welcome. They have a lot of good live music lined up, so worth coming over, enjoying music or dreaming away in the harbor during a beautiful sunset.




Aerielle Eolande
Feb 10 '20
Beautiful blog Silvester, and glad to see you back blogging. I was missing them.
Silvester VIP
Feb 10 '20
Thank you Aer
Cyber_Duke Owner
Feb 10 '20
Welcome back Silvester! clap
Silvester VIP
Feb 10 '20
Thank you Virtual. Thanks for upgrading the entire platform
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