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Ode to the Sea

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Jul 19 '19 | By Aerlinniel Roughneck | Views: 185 | Comments: 0
Ode to the Sea

Some more fantastic home decor items await you on sale at The Wash Sizzling Summer Cart Sale July 3-24!


LpOca - Set frame 

This 2 frame set is a gift at their booth. 


Dixie Dandelion - Has the following 10L items at their booth:

- Shell Art A
- Shell Art B
-Shell Art C
- Lobster Trap Lounger W/ Kitty
-Traidic Colored Fish Art

Sequel - Belmar Lamp

This lamp has on/off by touch and is the 50L item at their booth.

Sequel  also has the following 25L items at their booth:

- Belmar Stool - Seafarer

- Belmar Books - Buoy
And the following 10L items:
- Belmar Planter - Anchors
 - Belmar Sailboats - Coral
- Belmar Table - Sand


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