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Population Explosion

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Jul 15 '19 | By Aerlinniel Roughneck | Views: 231 | Comments: 0
Population Explosion

What happened last night?! I came home, exhausted from a long day of work to find..kittens in our bedroom. Not just a couple of kittens but an entire herd! 

The Round 5 of Boardwalk is now open until August 15,  and there are some magnificent items to decorate your home and SLife with. 

FAYDED - Bellisseria Set

This entire bedroom set is only 4 prims! Each piece sold separately or as a discounted Fatpack.

- Bellisseria Bed 

ADULT  or PG.  This bed is only 2 prims!  Perfect for the new Bellisseria Linden homes, where every prim counts.  Sit on the bed to access the texture menu, access menu, and poses.  Use the built in adjuster to adjust your avatar position if necessary.

- Bellisseria Rug

This rug is only 1 prim!!  You can resize as needed, but if you make it any bigger it will jump up to 2 prims or more, depending on how big you make it. Touch the rug to choose from 12 pre-loaded textures.  You can also adjust access to the texture menu.  

 - Bellisseria Dresser

This dresser is also only 1 prim!! Simply touch the dresser to access to texture menu.  The white wood is great for tinting colors if desired.  This product comes with a mirror, but feel free to drop your own 512x512 image and use the frame for photos or paintings.  Once you choose the texture you like, feel free to delete the script.

Image Essentials - Full Perm Mesh Cats

There are 15 FULL PERM original mesh Cats to choose from.  They have 5 different textures and a normal specular map. Each cat sells for $125L and is exclusive to Boardwalk for this round. 2Li each

Illusions of Grandeur-Grouping

This includes the French Trug Basket, Potpouri in a Blue Bowl, and Framed Auricula with Moth shown. 

[Park Place]

- Coral Reef Hanging Chair -  Cuddles

This is 7Li with a gentle side swing rotation. Includes singles/cuddles animations
- Coral Reef Hydrangea 

2Li and is resizeable

-Coral Shell Floor Pillows - Cuddles 

Includes singles/cuddles animation 3li

Adorably Strange Wares - The Cassia Wall Planter

Includes by touch on/off lights and is 5Li

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