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"Debauche" dance-show

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Jul 7 '19 | By Silvester | Views: 646 | Comments: 0
I just got invited by a friend of mine to come and see their dance-show. I have never been to a dance-show in SL so I will let them surprise me. I arrive early as suggested by my friend. Also got the request to scripts to a minimum if possible to keep the dances as smooth as possible.

As I am early I am bold and choose a front row seat. It is not very corwded yet, but I am 45 minutes early. From the view people that are here I am getting really curious:

"You are in for a treat, they're doing all the fantasy themes tonight"

"There are a few dance groups in SL but none like debauche"

"They do 2 types of show, amazing and feckin fantastic"

"I hope you like bombastic dances and tear jerkers... they have both in the program this evening..."

So, honestly I can't wait. But as I have to wait, I better see if we can find some information to share with you. Let's start with some information about this dance-group:


Debauche is a new dance group in Second Life whose aim is to dance, to enjoy it, to dance some more. All members of the group love to dance and love to perform. They have all come together to dance together for your enjoyment. The idea is to put on exciting, beautiful and sexy stage shows to be enjoyed by all. If you want to book Debauche to perform at your venue, write to...

Laura Demonista or Lanisonia Resident.

Let us spread a little debauchery at your place. You know you want us.The Debauche Girls


WebsiteFlickr group | SL group"

Wow, found a lot of information there for you, don't you think? I am pretty sure you are getting intriqued as I am, so let's also find some information about the theatre it is all happening.

"Babylon Berlin Performance Venue. 

From Burlesque to Bauhaus. A Film Noir avant garde venue set in 1930s Weimar Republic, Babylon Berlin is a stylish, moody, cabaret setting, evoking dark mysteries, seduction and subterfuge. Uniting sex, crime, fashion and erotic militarism in an dark fashion. A place for the innocent and wicked to mingle and flirt. Period cabaret music, mixes with "Dance Away" by Roxy Music playing in smoky, hallucinatory, risque background. D/s bondage fetish kink BDSM submission sex

Group | SLURL"

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