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Being a manager in SL?

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Jul 7 '19 | By Silvester | Views: 677 | Comments: 0
Being a manager in SL?
People have asked me if I know if being a manager in SL is a difficult job and if it pay good?. I can't say simply yes or no to that question. There are many different kind of managers in SL and it also is dependable on your own skills. I have worked as venue manager and artist manager and some of my closest friends are too.

Above all, you need to be very well organized and always do things right away. Don't let it sit or wait till later, you will forget it.
If you want to be the manager of a live artist you need to have the skills of good communication as you will have to deal with venue-owners and their staff, but also with your artist so you don't book a show when your artist is out for RL. You also need be accurate with the schedules, be precise with confirming and make sure all the information about your artist is up-to-date. As a manager you need to also promote the shows of your artist. Make sure your artist can put his focus on the show.

If you want to become a clubmanager you need to have a good network of artists, know who their manager are and make sure you don't double-book slots. So also here you need to be fast with updating the calendar and make sure bookings are confirmed. You also need to make sure each show has a host to it and that your host has the good information. Make sure your hosts are trained so they do as much promoting as they can, but also are reliable and always on time. This kind of job may ask a nice amount of your time as you have to always make sure your artists but also your hosts are happy.

There also are sub-manager jobs. Usually managers that have 1 specific task. Think of booking-manager, a manager at a club that only takes care of bookings. Or are rent-manager, who only has to make sure shops get rented. One of my favorite ones: Floating managers, meaning more than 1 manager so there is almost always one of them online, which is interesting but you have to do a lot of communications. Look around, there are more types of managers but you can also become a host. We need more good hosts.

How is the paying? That depends who you work for. Sometimes you get a percentage of the income, other times you get a fixed amount per week and sometimes you even can clock in and clock out and get paid by the hour.

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