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In the spotlight: Chic Wedding Gowns and more

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Jun 15 '19 | By Silvester | Views: 313 | Comments: 1
In the spotlight: Chic Wedding Gowns and more
In the spotlight is a new category I will create where I will litterally put stores or products created by friends in the spotlight. Today I want to put in the spotlight Chic Wedding Gowns and Chic Classy Fashion.

Created by MAHPIYA (aoife.modan), a lovely and very kind dutch designer. She is putting a lot of time and effort in her designs, and that shows. Her designs are unique, fitting for most of the known mesh avatars and they just look so nice. 

First we go to see the wedding gowns.

Whether you go for a sexy wedding gown, more of a hippie style or for something very rare, you can find it here! And the dress wouldn't be complete without the accessoires which are also available in the store. 

"For those who wish a memorable wedding gown without the memorable price. Come look at the beauitiful gowns that you will love."

Chic Classy Fashion]

She also has a store at another place, where she sells all kind of other fashion. Formal dresses, casuals and even bikini's and lingerie.  And even a few items for men! And also these are all made with the same passion and eye for details. 

"Chic is made because of the love for designing, from templates to textures (accept Mesh). I try to make as much as possible  and as chic as I can . I keep the prices low ... try a freebee, even those are made with love. The  members are friends and friendly, honest and funny, we are horrifide by drama!  Yuck much, so keep that away. If you have requests send a notecard to me. Huggg Aoife"

I hope you will all go and check out her stores, join her group and show off her designs!

SLURL to Chic Wedding Gowns

SLURL to Chic Classy Fashion


Aerielle Eolande
Jun 16 '19
Very good article
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