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Jed Luckless 2019 World Tour!

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May 7 '19 | By Silvester | Views: 341 | Comments: 0
Jed Luckless 2019 World Tour!
Today I saw in events that there is an artist doing an actual world tour! I had to get in to that. How do you do a world tour in SL? Time to investigate this. As he is playing at AdMiRe with Twinky as hostess, I know she can help me with all the information I need.

12 venues in 6 weeks. And not just any venue. He is selecting the venues on where the owner is coming from. AdMiRe is a dutch venue so today the stop is in the Netherlands. And even with a custom lightshow during the shows from Moondance Parx. 

It is a energetic show and I must say, I really like it.

"Join us as the Jed Luckless 2019 World Tour heads to The Netherlands on our mission to bring high-energy original rock music to SL venues in Europe and around the world! Our first European stop is on Tuesday, May 7th at AdMiRe in The Netherlands, another new addition to the venues this year! Let's give them a warm welcome to Jed Tour! Showtime is 11am SLT, Yes 11am SLT! It's WORLD TOUR! Two sets with a brief set break. Get there early to make sure you get in! "

A very interesting concept I haven't seen very often. So I need to know more bout Jed himself! See what we can find?

"Jed Luckless is an original musician who performs in the NYC area and streams his shows online. His improvisational style has earned him the nickname Jammin' Jed. Jed plays shows at mutliple venues around Secondlife and also broadcasts live online at www.jedluckless.tv. HIs shows are typically a mix of covers and original music, drawing upon a deep, rotating catalog of songs combined with real time improvisation. Jed also plays live shows in the NY area as a solo act, in a quartet with The Jed Luckless Band, and with a Grateful Dead tribute band as well.Music and info can be found at www.jedluckless.com."

As mentioned before, he is playing at AdMiRe from 11 AM till 1 PM slt. So if you want to join us? 


AdMiRe is a RL foundation registered in the Netherlands. AdMiRe stands for Adorable Mixed Realities. Our goal is to bring performers from Second Life together in Real Life, and to bring these SL performers together with inworld residents, in RL. Therefore we organize a yearly SL/RL event aka THE DUTCH JAM in the Netherlands, during a weekend in September. 

The RL event is being streamed into SL. During the year we keep the community together and expand it by organizing inworld concerts in chase of the foundation's goal. Built after the RL location, you really get the AdMiRe feeling back on landing! 

FInd us:

Facebook | Website | Slurl "

Follow the SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Caledonia%20Park/115/54/26 and Twinky will welcome you with open arms! Jed is playing absolutely great. So make sure you go to one of his shows!

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