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Laralette Lane @ Surfside Hideaway

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May 1 '19 | By Silvester | Views: 329 | Comments: 1
Laralette Lane @ Surfside Hideaway
Have you ever heard Laralette? If you have not, please make sure you will soon. She has a great voice, accompanies herself with her guitar and above all: She is so funny! She giggles a lot and that really is infectious (in a good way that is). Her show will cheer you up, everytime again! So, who is Lara, let's find out!

"Laralette is a German solo acoustic guitar artist that has been performing in real life for over 20 years.  Her love of music is real and is not narrowed down to just one genre, and she's brought it all here to Second Life where she's been performing since late 2008.  From John Denver to The Cure, and from Billy Joel to R.E.M, Laralette can sing it all."


She doesn't have a manager, so if you want to know more, you'll have to IM her. 

Laralette is playing at SurfSide HideAway. Surfside is a venue that is excisting since 2009! The owner is deѕιrαe вeαυмoɴт and she is taking good care of the artists and guests. I suggest you will check out the calendar and visit them soon!

"Live music, art, nature, surfing. Your hangout and dance place."


Aerielle Eolande
May 1 '19
Very nice
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