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Brendan Shoreland LIVE at AdMiRe

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Feb 26 '19 | By Silvester | Views: 332 | Comments: 0
Brendan Shoreland LIVE at AdMiRe

This is insane, from one great musician to another. Usually I hop from sim to sim to find music that sounds good but today at AdMiRe, I can just stay, listen and relax. And yes, writing to you to tell how good they are.

The second Brendan starts playing I feel it is good. He has a calming and beautiful voice and his guitarplay is in perfect balance. This is the music we want to hear. I really hope I can see more of his concerts and I hope you can to!

"A seasoned veteran of the Second Life live music circuit, Brendan refuses to be seduced by the lure of backing tracks. During more than ten years of SL performance, he listens carefully to any feedback and tries to establish a repertoire that appeals to a wide variety of tastes across the genres of traditional folk and more contemporary popular music."

While I am listening I am browsing his website, after all, we want to know all about the musicians!You can find the calendar on his website, but it would be more fun to just join his group and follow him around the grid.

This doesn't happen much but today I feel so overwhelmed with good music, I lost words to write! How crazy is that? So for today I will just relax and really enjoy the show. I think that is a bigger compliment than any blog!

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