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Comeback-Show of AndyDennis Enchanted

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Feb 26 '19 | By Silvester | Views: 431 | Comments: 0
Comeback-Show of AndyDennis Enchanted

Even though I am not long enough in SL to know this performer, my close friends whom I also know in RL are all going insane about this news. AndyDennis Enchanted is coming back to play his music in SL. So I am going to that show, as we shouldn't miss this. One of the people I know in RL is Twinky Waffle and she also is the one who organized this ComebackShow today. Andy and Twinky have been friends for many years so when she heard Andy wants to come back playing LIVE in sl, the date was set very quickly.

But not only the comeback is special today. Twinky also got Brendan Shoreland playing today at 11 AM, which will be a Venue-Debut. So we can stay here the next 2 hours!

Andy is about to start, let's hear what he has to bring!

"*Andy Dennis is a RL professional performer
*Musician (guitar & harmonica) Singer/Songwriter
*Acoustic Blues Folk Country Pop or Original
*Finger style, lead and rhythm guitar.
*Decades old harmonica player
All round, mature performer, with comedic style, wit and charm"

Wow, what a warm deep voice he has. And he's not playing just 1 but multiple instruments. This is what we can call MUSIC. I fully understand why people get so excited. He sure is a good artist. If you don't know him yet, make sure you go to his shows soon. Join his group so you know when and where he plays.

He is playing NOW February 26, 10 AM at AdMiRe

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