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Feb 25 '19 | By Silvester | Views: 638 | Comments: 2
It just works!

Sometimes, you have a product that just works so well, you have to share it with the world. So that's what I am doing today. Most of you know it, Subscribers. They are used to send information and objects to a large group of people who have intererest in that specific kind of information. Fans of a musician, a store with high quality clothing and even bloggers that want to let their fans know about the latest article.

Yes, most also have a SL-group, but with a subscriber you can reach also those people who are full in groups.

We also know there are many different kind of subscribers. And as with most things, it is what you need and you find easy. You have those that are webbased, which can be easy but I don't like the need to save another password in my mind and they usually come with a monthly fee to cover the server costs.

I have chosen (ok let's be real honest, my best friend told me to get this one as this was the best according to her) and I am more than happy with it. She was right, it is the best one! It is the SUBSCRIBER KIOSK!

You buy it and you do not have any monthly fees ever. It is not webbased, so you do not need to "bookmark" the website and get the login credentials in your head.

When you receive it, starting up is very easy. Unpack it, rezz the master. Change the texture and you can start to collect subscribers. But it isn't just good because of that. You also can find a specific config notecard to have a whole lot of specific configurations. That makes it a very flexible product that really makes your life so much easier.

And don't forget the service! If you have a problem. Send a notice to either Fred Allandale, the creator or to the SK Guru AerielleAmaiyah and your problem will be fixed in no-time! They will help with setting up (or ask Aerielle about the service to set it comepletely up for you) but they also help with chosing the right products for your needs. You also will find lots of information including video-tutorials on their website.

Aside that, there are so many products to make the Subscriber Kiosk not just a subscriber, but a very powerfull and very extended marketingtool. Almost all of the products created by Fred Allandale are connectible with the Subscriber Kiosk.

How about the greeter, a very easy to use welcoming device that can be used to hand out important information to your new guests. Where other greeters keep popping up everytime I land, even if it is a place I visited before, the SK Greeter has a special system so it does not bother your regular costumers everytime.

Are you a musician or DJ and you have a venue you play at on a regular basis? Use the Send Timer and you never have to worry if your fans get notified or not.

Sticking to Musicians or DJ's, there are some extremely flexible DJ/Artist Boards. Easily connectible to your Subscriber Kiosk and you can also get ALL you other informations in. And with the TouchPoint system your board can have all the buttons you want under just 1 LandImpact (1 Prim).

You just have to experience it yourself! From hosting tools, texturing hud's, creating magazines to a full marketing system and everything in between. It is all possible with the Subscriber Kiosk and the many additional products.

There are so many products, I can't mention all of them.. or can I? No, but there is a list with ALL the products and a short explanation of what they do. You can find that HERE.

And yes, they also have FREE GIFTSGo pick them up, check out the store.

Let's get you the information you need:




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Cyber_Duke Owner
Feb 25 '19
Nice professional review. Good job!
Silvester VIP
Feb 25 '19
Thank you
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