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Icky Flux play the BLUES at V-Side Battery Row@Charleston

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Feb 23 '19 | By Silvester | Views: 306 | Comments: 1
Icky Flux play the BLUES at V-Side Battery Row@Charleston

Icky isn't new in SL, he is playing musici n his unique style for many years. And still, after all these years, it is a Debut! A venue Debut, meaning he is playing at V-Side Battery Row@Charleston for the first time. A perfect show to write about.

No matter if you are feeling blue, when Icky plays the Blues I never feel blue!

"Live singer and guitarist. Plays acoustic Blues and Delta slide in his own very special style, covers / versions of Elmore James, Son House, Muddy Waters and many more great Bluesmen."

Make sure you go hear him now, or at one of his other concerts, you can find all about him at his website. This website has his calendar but also youtubes with a few of the songs he does. You even can leave a message in the guestbook. Or, if you want information, make sure you contact his manager Aerielle.

As said, he is having his venue debut at V-Side Battery Row@Charleston. Original name I must say. The owners are Mandy and Scotspaul.

"V-Side Battery Row@Charleston. A sassy new club bringing you all genres from 50's to today's with our Live Dj's, Live Singers & Tribute Concerts Although we are gonna rock your bobbie socks, your leather pants and shades will fit right in too!!. It's a whole new cool way to party in SL."

SL is wonderfull. There is always something fun to do! Hope to see you all soon.

Aerielle Eolande
Feb 23 '19
Thank you Silvester
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