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Paradorn Ansar LIVE at The Night Owl!

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Feb 22 '19 | By Silvester | Views: 437 | Comments: 2
Paradorn Ansar LIVE at The Night Owl!

My first blog here on AvatarBook, hopefully not my last. It has been a while since I have written anything, so the way to go it just start.

Today I am listening to one of the best live musicians of SL: Paradorn Ansar.

"Paradorn (Para) brought his music into SL and quickly found his way into his fans hearts with his sexy rough voice and with his wellknown covers of rock, blues and country songs. Interaction and having fun with the crowd is what he loves to do."

He will never fail to touch your heart with his music, but he also can be in a crazy mood. He interacts with his audience and you will never know what it coming. You should really go and listen when you have the time.

Calendar of Paradorn

Group of Paradorn

Manager of Paradorn

The Night Owl is a live music venue owned by sweetpea Shilova. A nice outdoor open venue with enough place to dance, or to sit and relax in one of the cozy sofa's.

Calendar of The Night Owl

Group of The Night Owl

Owner of The Night Owl

Aerielle Eolande
Feb 22 '19
Thank you Silvester
Silvester VIP
Apr 20 '19
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