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Gentle Waters

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Jan 16 | By Aerlinniel Roughneck | Views: 148 | Comments: 0
Gentle Waters


KiX -Tree Seat & Lantern 

 It is a half version so fitting trees is easier or place two together for more seating options all around the tree.  Choose from 4 different wood styles, 3 rugs and 3 cushions to fit your scene perfectly.  The bench is animated with both KiX original animations and some of the best available 3rd party animations.  Picnic on the lawn, jam to the music and of course some naughty outdoor action in this menu.  We have included a gorgeous stained glass lantern with candle light free with the tree seat.
There are 4 versions of the tree seat. MF adult or PG.  Lesbian adult or PG.  Each bench also comes with the lantern. This is an exclusive at Boardwalk January 15 - February 15.

EED -Spring Garden with Owl Bench

A lovely standalone garden setting you can rest at or place it up against a wall.
Another great exclusive for Boardwalk

Anna's Attic - Gentle Waters Rowboat

These come in 2 color choices and includes single and couple animations, PG and Adult. This is also an exclusive for Boardwalk

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