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The Shops of Port Austen, Regency Somerset.

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Jan 26 '15 | By BrendonPatrick MacRory | Views: 510 | Comments: 0

The Shops of Port Austen, Regency Somerset.
We have some new shops in Port Austen, and together the existing vendors, we have I believe, an exciting regency shopping experience. Please do come by and se them.

Chez Giroux by Sybil Vawdrey, No. 24 Port Austen
Che’rie House of Design by Joandarc Ninetails, No. 23 Port Austen.
Sophia by Sophia Treusia, No. 22 Port Austen.
Timeless Décor by Sere Timeless, No. 21 Port Austen
Regency Piecework by J.E.W.L.S., ( Jewelia Blessed) No. 11 Port Austen
BHD by Renata Constanine, No. 12 Port Austen
LeGrenier Du Cha’teau (GC) by Trasgo Beaumont, No. 13 Port Austen
The Music Box by Cara Cali, No. 14 Port Austen

Also, At No. 01 Port Austen, The Orangery
The Port Austen Lending Library and Welcome Center, Port Austen-Bath post road.
Nelson’s Blood Tavern, at No. 15 Port Austen
The Trafalgar Arms Inn, at No. 25 Port Austen.

Port Austen, Regency Somerset, Antiquity Argyle (67, 86, 31)
Sincerely, Baron BrendonPatrick MacRory.

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