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Ile De Lavey

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Apr 21 '17 | By Viktoria | Views: 372 | Comments: 0
Ile De Lavey
Tired of huge community sims?

Tired of community groups who hardly pays attention to new comers?

The our Island is the answer to your needs.

Small Island with a shopping area with coffee shop and a Café, a few homes, public pool and beach. We offer cheap rent, and friendly staff. The living area is child friendly, we just finished a large funsie playground. We often gather residents and go out for events or plan events on the Island. We Like to be social and have fun.

Our Island is rated ADULT, and we do have 2 adult clubs. They are reezed on sky platforms and children are not allowed on any of the platforms.

For entertainment we have UK's best dj who spins live. And a gold award winning dance team. 

You can find more info on our FB page 

Ile De Lavey Facebook

Visit our office in game

Ile De Lavey Office

People have already started to move in with us, so hurry... come for a visit and see if we can fullfill your dreams of a happy SL life

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