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Breedables and the Auction world

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Feb 27 '17 | By Kenna Vincet | Views: 392 | Comments: 0
Breedables and the Auction world
        If you have never tried breedable animals, you have no idea what you are missing! Yes it cost linden to feed them, yes it takes time and patience, but its so rewarding! When you see something you paid 1k Linden for sell for 7500K Linden how can it NOT be worth it?
       If you are interested in trying out some breedables you can contact me kennavincet by IM or you can stop by the auction house anytime and leave me a message there! We do Auctions Sunday-anything transferable, doesn't have to be breedables, Monday-BattleBeast Breedable Dragons, Wednesday-Champion Horses all Auction times are 6pm SLT.

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