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December Designer Event In The Forest 12/3-12/31!

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Dec 28 '16 | By Kwave Wilkinson (DJKwave) | Views: 504 | Comments: 0
December Designer Event In The Forest 12/3-12/31!

The December Designer Event!



This was to be the start of our very first Designer Event and we were very happy to see the turn out so far. The event is not only about selling things it is about helping a business shine. With low rental fees and a good prim amount you are able to really display your business, not only with your products, but your creativity as well. A lot of the displays we seen really gave us a new opinion on all the business' that participated. That is the point. The great designers who attended were as follows:  P.O.S.E, MAC DESIGN, Amazing Creations, MEB, GODDESS Designs, TIAR, Sunshine Girl,  Spyfalle, Lushish Catz, Unicorn Princess,  Moose Poses and Clothes, Circa,  RR Fashion Inc, Royal Pain, Sock Monkey Designs! Some of these we will see in the next round starting January 7th of 2017! 

Secret Harmony InSL is passionate about bringing you the best. We will continue to do so. This has been Kyle bringing you his perspective Have a Great Holiday Season! Remember February marks the beginning of Spring in the Forest. Enjoy the Winter while it lasts.

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