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VWE MASSACRE Supershow, Tonight @ 4 pm SLT!!

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Mar 25 '16 | By Curt Bombastic | Views: 588 | Comments: 0



╠I ▤::.▶ It's Going to be a MASSACRE as VWE comes to you LIVE from the Turlaccor Custombikes bringing you the VERY BEST in ALL of SL Wrestling with Two For One Show with a SPECIAL PULSE and VWE 'MASSACRE' SUPERSHOW, and this event promises to blow you away, all starting at a SPECIAL TIME of 4pm slt!!

╠I ▤::.▶ Rev your engines bikers as the VWE invades Turlaccor Custombikes on this SPECIAL Pre-Show PULSE starting at 4pm SLT! Brooke Owens is looking to make a impact as she goes one-on-one with a surging Chloe Valentine!! Can Brooke over-come Chloe's recent winning streak? Then we'll see the "Mafioso" William Naples taking on Broly Blackheart in hard hitting Singles action!

╠I ▤::.▶ Then at 5pm SLT is our VWE SUPERSHOW MASSACRE ... and its gonna be a massacre as starting things off, Viola Beaumont and Hilary Lanifer look to settle the score with each other as they go head-to-head in Bombshell action!! The United States championship is on the line as "The Natural" Micheal Karsin defends his title against the God-like arrogance of the "Code" Cody Houley in a Last Man Standing Match. Can Cody regain the US title or will Micheal "Naturally" shut down "The Code" as the Last Man Standing? "The Queen of Burlesque" Candice Grace LaLune has issues with an injured Maxine so tonight, Maxine is sending her Tag-Team partner Alexandra Zlatkis after her in a AERIAL ASSAULT match. Just what is an "Aerial Assault" Match? We find out Tonight!! Then the "Irresistible One" Curt Bombastic, "the Big Shot" Benja Nirvana and Ren Blackheart still have alot of issues to settle as last Friday NOTHING was settled so tonight, all three will face each other in another Triple Threat Match ... this time LOCKED in the STEEL CAGE!! Three Walk in, only one walks out!! Then the VWE Undisputed Women's World Championship is on the line as Lily Martinez defends the title against Alison Daines and "The Star" Christina Krovac!! And Finally in the Main Event, the VWE World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line as the champion Jeffery Fireguard will defend the title against Former champion Jackson Doune in the STEEL CAGE!! No escape, no remorse! Two will enter, only one will leave as Champion!! You won't want to miss this and So much more at this SPECIAL 'MASSACRE' SUPERCARD at Turlaccor Custombikes!!

╠I ▤::.▶ So If you're looking to see how the VERY BEST PRO WRESTLING in ALL of Second Life is truly done, then the only way to find out the answers to those questions and so much more is to be there live as the VWE returns to the Turlaccor Custombikes Sim, all starting @ 4pm slt!!!

════✯★ Card Subject to Change ★★════

╠I ▤::.▶Your Ticket & Custom Bike Ride awaits :


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