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The Evil Bunneh

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Mar 24 '16 | By Aerlinniel Roughneck | Views: 619 | Comments: 0
The Evil Bunneh

Leaning against the rock arch, quietly observing the elf as the sun's rays filtered through like fingers reaching out to touch the rocks upon the ground. She had beautiful skin, free of any blemishes, almost a magical quality to it. Brows neatly shaped and lips glistening with just the right amount of makeup to plump them up.

The skin's maker was 7 Deadly Skins and the skin was called Ymke. An Omega head applier one could obtain at the Skin Fair, she wore the pineapple tone-glamour, though there were several to choose from. It came in 11 skin tones, each box with 4 skin variations, containing Omega body and Slink hands/feet appliers as well.

If you so wish to obtain some of your own, the butterflies will happily carry you there. Just climb on here: Skin Fair

She wore a gown of lavender with a wide belt about her waist. Golden inscriptions upon it. Made by the talented tailor, Chambre Rose. A headress added to the illusion of a lioness as it rested upon her blonde head. Named Sersei, a turn of luck as she handed the tailor the coins, she could have won a variety of items, the dress came in several colors, jewelry or the beautiful headdress, adding excitement to the (Gacha) game.

Around her neck sparkled jewels of gold with brown roses. She wore the Emma Roise Megan Set by the jeweler, Luminesse.
She had purchased these at the special market called Swank. Here, I can show you the map.

The elf at the  [Sylvian] Elven Forest Scene (on special sale this weekend) looked up and smiled at the maiden, motioning her to his side. A gift, he told her, as he handed the [Bunny gone Bad] Dark Companion to her. From the sorceress,Angelic Designs, she didn't realize she had taken into her arms, a tiny form of purest evil. With the dark fur that only the most special (VIP special purchase) could receive.
Taxi here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fergus/4/49/24

Additional Styling Information

Triumph Eyes - Dune


~Tableau Vivant~ 

Cersei II - Basics 


Mesh Body - Lara

Love N Lust  
Omega System Kit - Maitreya v.1.0
Omega System Kit - Catwa

Jessica Head

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