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Sep 17 '15 | By Uyia Delacroix | Views: 1051 | Comments: 2

I am new to this site so bare with me till I get used to this. I am UyiaDelacroix. I am a blogger/model/photographer and mostly a goofygoober alot of the time. I came to this site when I was freally fed up with facebook's policies. I was banned from posting in groups till the 29th because..get this..I was joining too many groups! They had my number but it took them almost 2 days to give me back my account and I was still grounded from groups. I really hate that site with a passion. I still use it because I am a blogger and half of sl uses it too for blogging so I have no choice. I hope this site is better and more friendly. And please say Hi or Hello..And contrary to popular opinion not all noob avatars bite. Hugs all

Uyia Delacroix
Sep 17 '15
Freally LOL i made up a new word..I guess it means F'n Really ...roflmao(trollface)
Virtual Nomad Support
Sep 18 '15
I think building audience on FB with SL or other RPG accounts is a bit risky. One morning you wake up and you find out that all your hard marketing work is gone lel. Here's OK, but everything has its pros and cons. Many people still don't know about AB, because it's a young project, so I think a good start is to invite your friends or/and your online audience here. (chuck)
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