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May 9 '15 | By Gwen | Views: 979 | Comments: 0

Let me pose a question to you, where will the apocalypse begin, no, not the zombie one but the other one that has baffled scientists for millenniums. Not that the Jolly Green Giant had anything to do with Jack falling down the hill, or Humpty Dumpty tipping over then becoming breakfast for the 7 dwarfs, nor did it have anything to do with that pesky rabbit that bothered Elmer for all those years, but, rather more like Goldilocks having an affair with Roger Rabbit before the bears came home and found the three little pigs hiding out since the wolf learned of the so called cement house they built and purchased dynamite to take care of that problem right after the old lady moved far far away, no she didn't fly away home but rather took a carriage since I mean after all Cinderella left it parked outside the castle and it was towed away because it was definitely signed "NO PARKING AFTER MIDNIGHT" Even the Prince Ali Baba had rules, you never seen him do anything but look at her boobs, even his magic carpet was sent out to be cleaned. that poor carpet, if it could talk the things it would say to us all. Damn, ok so I went off again, but would it be anything different if I didn't once in a while, anyway back to the question at hand. where will or rather when will or for that matter when will it happen>>?? what happens? LMAO if we knew the answer to that there would be no need to know anything else because we would know everything as far as we know at that moment in time, or is it space, I get confused on that part. OMG is it about a family living in space?? aren't we all living in space? or does the Matrix have us all?? if it does then oh mah hell, I so need to change my ways some or maybe not

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