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Apr 6 '15 | By Gwen | Views: 659 | Comments: 0

Long, Long Ago.......in a far off land known as the Valley of Neither World, there was a rickety woman who walked with a slight slip of her feet. She wandered aimlessly across the forest like a bee searching for the nectar from a special flower. This flower had the potential to spread its seeds across the forest where the old woman wandered. One day there was a clap of thunder in the distance the sky darkened as if a horrific storm was approaching. But alas, there was no storm that fateful day. It was simply a horde of locusts filling the sky also in search of the mighty flower. The rickety woman suddenly had an idea. she giggled and wiggled just like Marie Lavoe would have done just before eating the brains from a man who did her wrong. you see, Marie was not only fluent in the art of Voodoo, she was also a Zombie. In any case the rickety woman smiled with her crooked teeth showing as she pulled a jar of honey from her coat of many colors, unlike the horse of many colors or the coat that Dolly Parton wore, this coat had magical properties that no one had ever figured out. but the woman knew its tiny secret and used it to her advantage. she spread the honey along the trail just in front and along the edge of a mighty spider web that had been spun. no this was not the work of Charlotte, this was the work from a giant spider who guarded the jolly green giant's fields. Yes, Yes, the fields of dreams were guarded by a giant spider. the jolly green giant had in fact made so much money selling his green beans he invested it wisely and bought some lands in a far off place, then he hired the spider to guard the original fields while he was out swimming with the sharks for entertainment. during this whole time someone had left the door open and Loki appeared. Loki sure was in a good mood that day, you see, Loki had just finished taking his test and passed. well, he did have some help, okay maybe a lot of help but he did pass and for that he was able to take a trip. The birds were singing as he approached them and all in all it was a glorious day

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