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Ile De Lavey

Tired of huge community sims? Tired of community groups who hardly pays attention to new comers? The our Island is the answer to your needs. Small Island with a shopping area with coffee shop and a Café, a few homes, public pool and beach. We offer cheap rent, and friendly staff. The living area is child friendly, we just finished a...

NEW! DC 496 Full Land with Club & Shops - For Sale

Colpo Wexler | Feb 15 '17 | Tags: club, clubs, land, shop, shops, lands
Second Life -- NEW! DC 496 Full Land with Club & Shops - For Sale Marketplace --- https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/DC-496-Complete-Land/11013727 SLURL --- http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/ITLAND%20Village%20Resort/110/71/23 DC 496 Full Land: Central Square with landing point - CLUB...

AD /// Projects by Mr. Shady

Ich biete dieses Projekt zum Verkauf an bei Interesse über Avatarbook oder InWorld melden.  Projekt: Club & Shop Area Verkauf: Einmalig Updates: Kostenlos Licht Farbe: Individuell anpassbar Ersteller: Shadow Bouscario Pnr.: AD/P-01072015 Bei Fragen bitte an mich wenden.