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Mike Carnell LIVE @ Helle's Angels

Silvester | Aug 7 '19 | Tags: concert, live, music, mike, helle, angels
It has been a while since I heard Mike, but I always enjoy his phenomenal guitar play. He can play the most difficult parts and it sounds like it doesn't cost him any effort. He is really that good! You really should see if you can hear him, he plays a lot in SL, so let's find the info I know you want: "Mike Carnell is one Amazing...

Aubryn Melody playing at Frogstomp Venue

Silvester | May 29 '19 | Rate: 5 | Tags: live, music, aubryn, frogstomp
After a day of hard work I am in need of some music, checking out Events I decide to go to the live show of Aubryn Melody whic is playing LIVE at Frogstomp venue. She is having a very good instrumental play and a very pretty voice and she is able to balance both of those talents into a very enjoyable show. Let's see what we can find...

Jed Luckless 2019 World Tour!

Silvester | May 7 '19 | Rate: 5 | Tags: 2019, live, original, rock, world tour, jed luckless, admire
Today I saw in events that there is an artist doing an actual world tour! I had to get in to that. How do you do a world tour in SL? Time to investigate this. As he is playing at AdMiRe with Twinky as hostess, I know she can help me with all the information I need. 12 venues in 6 weeks. And not just any venue. He is selecting the venues on...

Ile De Lavey

Tired of huge community sims? Tired of community groups who hardly pays attention to new comers? The our Island is the answer to your needs. Small Island with a shopping area with coffee shop and a Café, a few homes, public pool and beach. We offer cheap rent, and friendly staff. The living area is child friendly, we just finished a...