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Relaxing On The Porch

While relaxing on the porch this morning, we heards the birds singing off in the distance, both puppies jumped up with us. I think the main reason they did was because Rodd was  going to give them a bath. We laughed a bit then talked him into relaxing for a few minutes. Collaboration post with Aerlinniel Visit her site...

Early Evening

Early Evening seemed like a good time to go clubbing. But per my luck the local establishment was closed for repairs. Oh well, time to head to the next place and play catch up to my wifey. Photos Taken At: Backdrop City Want pictures? Lots of different ideas are to be found here....

New Item Gacha in Fashion & Beauty store!! Check out

lany21 writer | Apr 20 '18 | Tags: gacha, hair, marketplace
MINA - Selenia - Dark blond Item Gacha  Color Dark Blond  No copy / No Mod / No Redelivery / Transf https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/MINA-Selenia-Dark-blond/14516855