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New clothing at Chic!

Sexy, smooth and hot! The first words that came to mind when I put on this stunning new outfit of Chic. The skirt is mesh and the top is an applier. Available in several, seperately sold, colors. Come and check these out at our store....

In the spotlight: Chic Wedding Gowns and more

Silvester | Jun 15 '19 | Rate: 5 | Comments: 1 | Tags: bikini, casual, chic, classy, formal, men, wedding
In the spotlight is a new category I will create where I will litterally put stores or products created by friends in the spotlight. Today I want to put in the spotlight Chic Wedding Gowns and Chic Classy Fashion. Created by MAHPIYA (aoife.modan), a lovely and very kind dutch designer. She is putting a lot of time and effort in her designs,...