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⁣These Hues Create a Relaxing Atmosphere

Details: Blogspot https://athomewithaer.blogspot.com/2020/04/these-hues-create-relaxing-atmosphere.html Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/aerlinniel_vella/49753669212/in/dateposted-public/

Kano Canoe Fun

There's a magical place where a pink canoe sits upon the water, surrounded by reeds and flowers, with teddy bears keeping a constant vigil. Ok so it's in my backyard, but I can imagine being in a faraway place. Thanks to this fantastic Kona Canoe with Poses and all the great flora you see, even teddy bears...

The Unipig

While out on our travels in Drasilova, my liger Joony by Jinx(Standing Wearable - RARE) and I,  we found the cutest little creatures. A Unipig that is pastel pink, by Jinx ,  and Underground Shoulder Imp that is green, by Touryuumon . Each available at Fair Play-Fantasy and Gothic Charity Event May 1st - 27th...


Another post featuring items from the Fantasy Faire ! This is really a fantastic event that you should at least visit once before it is over May 1st/ Here we have Legacy Fantasy Ruins PURPLE RFL Set 5 by BamPu Legacies . It costs  $350L and 100% goes to Relay for Life . Fantasy Fair Shopping Guide...